Choosing a Rental Phone when Visiting Israel

List of Kosher McDonald’s in Israel | Kosher & Jewish Travel Guide ...It was cheaper for me to get a rental phone in Israel when we were visiting on vacation than it was for me to use my own phone. When we arrived, we shut our own phones off once we had our rental phones. We were very happy with them, and the expense was less than what it would have cost us to use our phones here.

We had unlimited talk, texting and data usage. It would have cost a fortune for us to make calls to the United States and to receive calls on our phones than it did on the rental phones. We were able to keep in touch with each other and with home. We each got a virtual United States number for friends, family and even work to call. We used them a lot to get around too. We had access to data and maps to find our way. It was also nice having unlimited calls and texts to stay in touch with each other too.

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Best Ski Resort for Summer Holiday 2013

Are you looking for a unique getaway for your next summer holiday? Summer is the best time to do all of those fun activities with friends and family. If you have no idea about what you are going to do on your next summer holiday, you definitely want to consider going to Vail, Colorado. Vail is a great selection for those of you who love to enjoy every moment and a refreshing mountain resort in the summer is just the ticket. The views are so amazing and you can do many interesting summer activities individually or with a group.

You can book a ski or snowboard school, participate in mountain sports, watch the Vail Film Festival, and enjoy Vail nightlife. If you are Texas people who are searching for the ideal summer getaway, you can find a variety of deals that fit your budget and interests from Vail Ski Resort. All you have to do is plan a trip online. Right now you can book the vacation package you want online to get the best deal for the 50th Anniversary season!

Have the best summer holiday with the many mountain activities available in Vail this year. Vail is a unique place for a wedding party as well. You can also check to see how you can get the best wedding package in Vail on this website. Before you plan a trip, you are able to check photos and videos about a Vail summer holiday on the official Vail website. See you at Vail resort!

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How to Get Rid of Outstanding Credit Card Debt

Using credit card in your daily life is certainly exciting for it enables you to make a purchase without the need to bring cash on hand. However, it is unfortunate that many people are not aware of hidden risk on holding credit card. The fact shows that more and more people are trapped with credit card debt since they use it excessively, more than what it is supposed to be. And in this phase, comes to give effective solution.

If you are just like plenty of people who are facing trouble in making repayment of credit card debt, you should consider debt consolidation. Of course the consolidation gives you a chance to re-manage payment of your debt, so it is more likely to avoid harassing call from your creditor. It means that re-arrangement has become the main purpose of any debt consolidation.

Talking about debt consolidation the site has to offer, it certainly takes you to talk with counselor who have years of experience. Every single thing you need to get out of credit card debt will be discussed comprehensively, so you can get an informed decision to overcome your problem. in conclusion, debt consolidation must be your priority when suffering from outstanding debt and if you find a problem to deal with this matter, just take benefit from what the site above has to offer.

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Exotic Holiday Destinations

India has always been a country that is famous for its history and culture. People are always amazed by her diversity. It has a good mix of the old and the modern. Amidst all the crowds and the noise you can find peace and tranquillity. For the history buff, there are a lot of religious monuments and palaces and forts—each with a story of its own. If you are a foodie, you can try out and taste an amazing array of dishes because every region in India has a different cuisine. Fly Search organises many package tours to India. You could book hotels and flights through them, if you would rather experience the country at your own pace, since India is a large country and every region is different from the other.

Some Places To Visit

To experience the city life you should visit Mumbai or Delhi. Goa and Kerala will offer you a relaxed break with its sandy beaches and tasty food. Varanasi is the place to go to, for some spiritual awakening. Of course the Taj Mahal at Agra is a monument that cannot be missed. The weather is warm most of the year and the monsoons bring in heavy rains for about 4 months. To book yourself a holiday of a lifetime with Fly Search, visit

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Texas Hill Country at Its Best: 3 Places to Visit

If you thought that Texas was nothing but flat land full of dust and tumbleweeds, it’s time to think again. Although many people may not consider South Texas to be a popular tourist destination, more and more visitors are flocking to the beautiful Texas Hill Country for vacation or to celebrate a special occasion.

If you already live in Texas, all the better. The Texas Hill Country may be a short drive away, providing the perfect opportunity to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or another important event. Or, if you simply need a weekend getaway to unwind from the daily grind, you can rent a limo to tour these top three sites in the Texas Hill Country:

1. Texas Vineyards: As most Texans are well-familiar with, the Texas Hill Country is home to countless local wineries. And if you visit one, you might as well visit them all. While wineries are spread out throughout the Texas countryside, there’s a little something known as the Texas wine road 290, running straight through Fredericksburg.

You can rent a limo with some friends for safe, reliable transportation and check out the second most visited wine region in the US – second only to Napa Valley! When touring wineries, you have the option to pay for wine tastings or visit during a special event, like Vino and Pasta or Ragin Cajun, available at no charge.

2. Texas Swimming Holes: To get back to your roots, you may want to take a dip in an authentic Texas swimming hole in one of the blazing hot months of summer. Popular swimming holes include Barton Springs in Austin; the Blanco River in Blanco, Texas; Hamilton Pool in the West Cave Reserve; and Lake Belton, a natural reserve in Miller’s Spring Park.

Within one of these scenic areas, you may find secluded coves, creeks, and peninsulas that provide the perfect location to set up a camping chair, open a cold beer, and take a nap in the sun.

3. Enchanted Rock: As any local can tell you, the place to hike is Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas. For both sanity and peace of mind, it’s best to go outside of peak season, avoiding the hotter months of the summer where temperatures can reach over 100°. The good news is that Enchanted Rock is open seven days a week, year-round from 8 AM to 10 PM.

As an insider tip, the most beautiful time of year to visit is in October and November when the leaves start to change. You can check out beautiful Texas scenery by hiking, backpacking, camping, or even rock climbing. For a tamer afternoon, try bird watching or stargazing as the sun goes down; don’t forget to bring your own firewood to cook s’mores over the campfire!

At its best, the Texas Hill Country is beautiful and diverse. The three top spots listed above are simply a sample of what you can see and experience when you travel off-the-beaten-path and create your own adventure in the gorgeous Texas countryside.

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In Texas, A Public Adjuster Invoking An Insurance Appraisal Clause May Bind A Policyholder’s Hands

I have previously written regarding the requirements for overturning an appraisal award. Texas courts recognize three situations in which the results of an otherwise binding appraisal may be disregarded:
(1) when the award was made without authority;
(2) when the award was made as a result of fraud, accident, or mistake; or
(3) when the award was not in compliance with the requirements of the policy.

What does it mean for an appraisal award to be made without authority? The San Antonio court of appeals answered this question in 1996. See Toonen v. USAA, 935 S.W.2d 937 (Tex. App. – - San Antonio 1996). According to Toonen, a contest based on lack of authority is exactly as it sounds. It is a claim by one of the parties that the appraiser that was selected did not have authority to act on behalf of the party. In Toonen, before the insured had hired an attorney, she hired a private adjusting firm to represent her in her hailstorm claim. In that regard, the adjusting firm contacted the insurance company claiming that it was the insured’s authorized appraiser. The appraisal process moved forward, and the insurance company tendered the full amount of the agreed upon appraisal award.

The insured, unhappy with the amount of the award, opted to file suit, and in her attempt to have the appraisal award set aside, she claimed that although she had agreed for the private adjusting company to handle her insurance claim, she did not authorize the company to agree to the appraisal process. The Court examined whether the private adjusting company, as an admitted agent of the insured, had authority to act on behalf of the insured.

In Texas, an agent’s authority to act for its principal may be demonstrated in any one of three ways: express actual authority, implied actual authority, or apparent authority. The Court agreed that the insurance company had not conclusively established that the private adjuster acted with express actual authority. Therefore, the Court examined whether the private adjuster acted with implied actual authority or apparent authority.

Implied actual authority arises when “appearances justify a finding that in some manner the agent was authorized to do what he did.” Apparent authority “is a form of estoppel where a third party relies on conduct of the principal which would lead a reasonably prudent person to believe the agent had authority to act.” The Court noted that the insurance company had put forth sufficient evidence showing that it [the insurance company] reasonably believed that the private adjuster had authority to act on the insured’s behalf in invoking the appraisal clause. More importantly, the insured, upon learning that the private adjuster had participated in the appraisal process, took no action to disavow the conduct.

This case demonstrates the potential problems that policyholders can encounter when they engage the services of a public adjuster but later decide to retain legal counsel to file suit. The left hand (the attorney) often does not know what the right hand (the public adjuster) has already done, and the attorney may be unable to cure the adjuster’s conduct.

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Fisher vs University of Texas: Is Affirmative Action Necessary?

Recently the Supreme Court took up a case on affirmative action and the outcome could cause changes in the policy nationwide.

Abigail Fisher claims that she was not admitted into the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 because less qualified minority students were chosen over her.

Obviously it is wrong to select someone for a job or admission purely on the basis of their skin color. However, if two candidates of different races have the same qualifications the edge should be given to the minority. We have to show special attention to minorities or minorities will receive no attention at all.

Let’s talk about what affirmative action is because most have a casuistic concept of what it is. Affirmative action is not a quota system, it is not a requirement and it is not unfair. It simply allows publicly funded organizations to use race as a small factor in the selection process. This was ruled by the Supreme Court on several occasions. According to affirmative action, race can only be one factor among many.

Affirmative action gives opportunity where there would otherwise be none. If society took a look at the narrative of a minority family people would understand this. A typical black family consists of a single mother and a few kids. Seeing that this family has only one parent present the family receives only one paycheck to survive on. The mother is faced with a tough decision; Either choose to keep one job and be able to raise her kids or work 2 or 3 jobs and not have any time to spend with her kids. This results in the children having problems at home. They are forced to go days without lights or water or food, or are subjected to raise themselves because their mother is always working. When these children go to school we can not expect them to be interested in whether 2x + 3x is congruent to 3x + 2x, their mind is focused on their problems at home. These children wind up not learning very much in school and making low test scores and not being able to go to college for financial and scholastic reasons. These children grow up to be adults and settle for minimum wage jobs for a source of income. These adults start families and realize that minimum wage is not enough to survive. The dad has no qualifications for a well-paying job and he resorts to crime attempting to support his family. The dad is put into prison or leaves his family ashamed that he can not support them leaving the single mother alone and the cycle repeats itself. If the next generation grew up and did OK but not great on their SAT’s why not give them a chance? Success is not guaranteed but why not give them an opportunity? Their lives are setup for failure all they can ask for is an opportunity.

We hear a number of whites say affirmative action is discrimination against whites. Well it is, but it is necessary to compensate for the discrimination already taking place against minorities. If whites made up less than 15% of the population, as most minorities do, they would be begging for an equal opportunity while trying to coexist in a country full of others. If these whites being discriminated against are equally qualified what is the big fuss about? Is it life threatening that he/she has to settle for Yale instead of Harvard because a minority student was admitted over him/her? Is it so serious that he/she has to settle for $105k a year instead of $110k a year? If someone is qualified chances are that person will get what they earned. It is utterly ridiculous that whites, who make up 72% of America’s population, are playing the race card.

There will come a time when affirmative action is no longer needed for Blacks, Hispanics, and other racial minority groups to have an equal opportunity. Even after, affirmative action will continue to be necessary. Affirmative action is needed for all disadvantaged individuals. Individuals such as, women in the workplace, males are becoming a minority in colleges and universities, even poor white families. Whether it be race based, sex based, age based, need based, affirmative action will be necessary until the day all Americans receive a fair chance at the American Dream.

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Houston Unemployment and a Booming Texas Economy

The unemployment rate in Houston is at 10 percent as of December 2011 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 percent higher than the national average. This is shocking, considering Texas is leading the nation in government job growth. About four years ago, government stimulus was supplied in hopes of restoring economies to get them growing again. The fact is, there has not actually been growth. Most states have either stayed the same or gotten worse when it comes to unemployment. Recently it has also just been announced that Texas has returned to the labor rate they were at before the recession started. Not many states can say that.

It’s hard to tell where Houston stands when it comes to job growth. News headlines are reading both “Houston Unemployment Rate Inches Higher” as well as “Houston Unemployment Rate Continues to Drop” making it almost impossible to determine what is actually happening in Houston’s economy, but it may be safe to assume that Houston will follow the trend of the rest of the state, which is continuing to improve. According to the Texas Work Force Commission, Texas saw their civilian labor force add 21,000 people.

Did you know that two out of three people filing for bankruptcy have lost their job? And that 91 percent of people filing for bankruptcy have suffered either a job loss, a medical illness or have undergone a divorce? This should typically mean that when unemployment drops, so will the number of people filing for bankruptcy. Things are looking up for the lone-star state, and with the way the economy has been growing among countless other states that are either stagnating or getting worse, Texans can be assured that their situation is not dire.

If you live in the Houston area and are one of the many people facing unemployment, be encouraged that the Texas economy is growing. If you are facing the realities of unemployment now and don’t have time to wait for the economy to make a turnaround, then you have options you may not even be aware of. No one financial situation is like any other. You may be able to afford an alternative payment plan but you may not. Some debt cannot be taken care of completely by filing for bankruptcy, but many of those include debts that must be paid as a result of a crime, spousal/child support and student loans for example.

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Why Drivers in Texas Need Auto Insurance

As most of us know; In Texas, the law states that a person may not operate a motor vehicle unless financial responsibility is established for that vehicle. This can be established by purchasing an auto liability policy, which will cover other drivers during an at-fault accident. This willpay to repair or replace the other driver’s car and/or pay for their medical expenses in the event of an accident. In addition to liability insurance required by law, there are other coverage’s available for purchase: collision and comprehensive; medical payments; personal injury protection; uninsured/underinsured motorist; towing and labor; and rental reimbursement. Because the price of cars as well as how expensive medical care is the minimum amounts may not be quite enough to pay all of another driver’s expenses, if you were to get into an accident. It is wise to consider purchasing more than just liability in case you are to find yourself in this unfortunate event.Once you decide what coverages are best suited for you, then you are ready to sign up for an insurance policy. Remember, your insurance company must send you a copy with your policy. It’s very important to read over your policy and documents so you understand your rights and responsibilities under Texas law.

In Texas, 1 out of every 5 vehicles is uninsured. Today, getting away without having auto liability insurance is hard to do. Did you know there is a vehicle insurance verification system that law enforcement officials and tax assessor collectors can access at any time to check if your vehicle is insured?

That’s right. This system is known as TexasSure. It was created in order to reduce the number of uninsured motorists. Thus, eliminating a route that some choose by signing up for a policy and then immediately cancelling that policy after receiving their proof of insurance card. That being said, it is crucial to have auto liability insurance in order to avoid that annoying, and very expensive $350 uninsured motorist ticket; as well as any other fees assessed. If you are caught without liability insurance again, a second time offense could cost you up to a $1000 fine, as well as a 2 year driver license suspension. So make sure you are insured, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced with these consequences.

Finding this insurance isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The rates for liability insurance vary, so it can be hard to know where to start with all of the existing insurance companies, to get the best rates and required coverage in Austin, TX. Everyone wants to find affordable auto insurance without having to do a lot of shopping around and with a company that they can count on.

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Sam Houston, Key Figure Of Texas And Friend Of Native Americans

The frontier of the Southwest looms large in the panorama of American history, mostly due to Sam Houston, having all the qualities of a frontier leader, strong physically standing six feet – six inches tall and strong mentally having a never quitting attitude. Just his presence in a room was often enough to quell opposition.

Sam Houston was the key figure in the province of Texas winning its freedom from Mexico, and becoming a Republic, eventually becoming a state of the Union. Houston had a gifted leadership ability to cause men to follow him into seemingly hopeless causes, of which the freedom of Texas was major. Houston was a farsighted statesman with spiritual integrity and took the unpopular sides of controversy. He was openly against 95 percent of the United States government’s scandalous policies towards Native Americans. He stood undeviatingly for honesty, decency, and justice towards the original occupants of American soil.

Houston To Texas

In 1832, Sam Houston left Washington with a commission from the War Department to hold talks with nomadic Native Americans, who roamed both the American and the Texas sides of the Red River, thought by many as a move by Jackson to get involved in the accusation of Texas.

On April 20, 1836, Sam Houston, with 800 men intercepted Santa Anna, with 1450, at a ferry over the San Jacinto River near the present city of Houston and won the independence of Texas from Mexico. Thus, the Republic of Texas with Sam Houston as President began its ten-year history.

During this time slavery became a troubling issue in the United States. Although Houston had gone to Texas to play a role in its annexation to the nation, because of the slavery issue being forced on Texas, things changed and Houston began to stand for the Republic of Texas to stand alone under its Lone Star Flag, wanting no part of slavery.

Once Houston obtained favorable treaties with England and France, treating them with more respect than he did the United States, President Tyler pushed hard for negotiations for the annexation of Texas, fearing Houston’s friendly relationships with England and France.

In a masterpiece of diplomacy Texas had turned the tables on the United States and Sam Houston got what he wanted. On February 16, 1846, the Lone Star Republic became a part of the United States of America as the great state of Texas.

Sam Houston U. S. Senate And Of Governor Of Texas

Sam Houston went to the U. S. Senate and stood firmly against slavery to the point that he was replaced as Senator, which then was in the hands of state legislatures. When Texas eventually seceded from the Union to the Confederacy, Sam Houston, as Governor, was so much against secession that when he was summoned before the secession convention to take the Confederate oath, he declined with these words:

“In the name of my own conscience and my own manhood I refuse to take this oath. It perhaps meet that my career should close thus. I have seen the patriots and statesmen of my youth one by one gathered to their fathers, and the government they reared rent in twain. I stand the last almost of my race, stricken down because I will not yield those principles I have fought for. The severest pang is that the blow comes in the name of Texas.”

In the midst of the Civil War, in 1863, Sam Houston died at the age of seventy without having sworn allegiance to the Confederacy, thus ended the career of a great frontiersman and great American.

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